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Pure cocoa is a very popular product on the market today, it is known as a nutritious premium food with more than 300 different active ingredients in cocoa, so they are capable of preventing diseases, especially diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, depression, aging, cancer ... these diseases are very common in our country.

Cocoa beans usually contain 56% of avocado, which is very high content and quality because cocoa growers often apply the most advanced farming and breeding techniques available today.

Pure cocoa powder can be used in a recipe for daily drinking to maintain good health or you can also use cocoa powder to make cakes, creams, cosmetics, and face masks as well ... In addition, cocoa powder is one of the foods that are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber (Soluble dietary fiber) which are the main anti-obesity foods in humans.

Cocoa is currently one of the drinks that loved by millions of people around the world in every morning because this drink is not only delicious but also very nutritious for the body. Therefore, it is often used to replenish energy for an efficient working day.

The outstanding advantage of pure cocoa

Cocoa is one of the most popular drinks today along with tea and coffee.

Cocoa not only has a delicious and nutritious taste, but they are also extremely beneficial for your health.

Cocoa originates from Central America and Mexico, was discovered about 3000 years ago. Cocoa has the scientific name is called Theobroma cacao, which means "Food for the Gods". Cocoa has been a signature of European cuisine since the early 20th owing to its delicious taste and great effects on human health. In today’s world, this drink is getting more favorable.

Cocoa is a product with high nutritional content:

Nowadays, cocoa powder is sold by many organizations with many different attractive offers, but in fact, the sellers are not sure what content they are selling in their cocoa. In actual cocoa, they are full of basic nutrients for our human body such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, these substances help provide energy for the human body. Fat in cocoa is mainly triglycerides and unsaturated fatty acids, the fat content is not too high and the fats for the human body in cocoa are equivalent to the content of monounsaturated fat in olive oil that we all know.

Besides, cocoa is now known for its high content of soluble fiber. Only with two of each tablespoon of cocoa powder, the fiber that contained in it reaches up to 3.6 g. Therefore, in addition to create a feeling of fullness and reduce appetite, the fiber in cocoa also helps you to fight with the nasty constipation disease extremely well. Not only that, drinking cocoa every day also means that you are bringing in a lot of essential minerals, such as manganese, copper, iron, magnesium ... for metabolism and creating new cells in our body.

Cocoa helps prevent cancer and prolong youthfulness:

Cocoa is a rich product of polyphenols, mainly catechins. This polyphenol compound is an extremely good antioxidant and super healthy. It helps prevent and reduce harmful free radicals in the body. Furthermore, it helps us fight a wide range of cancers, and prevent skin - aging. Scientific research in the world has proven that cocoa beans contain most of the antioxidants found in green tea, black tea or red wine.

Cocoa improves mental clarity:

Another important ingredient in cocoa is alkanoids, typically theobromine. It is a mild stimulant that makes the body feel more excited. Its stimulant intensity is much lower than caffeine. There is also caffeine in cocoa, but its content is very low compared to coffee. In addition, polyphenols also help improve serotonin levels in the brain, fight chronic fatigue, and depression in order to help the mind clearer.

Therefore, many people have chosen cocoa to improve their minds during tiring working hours. However, in order to find reputable and trustworthy cocoa distributors and traders, there are not many options. Hence, you should be cautious when choosing to buy cocoa products on the market.

Cocoa is good for diabetes patients:

The polyphenol compounds which present in cocoa beans cause insulin to be released steadily, and they aim to stabilize the body's blood sugar, which is extremely beneficial for diabetes patients. When a person consumes foods containing polyphenols, he will receive a more stable blood sugar than those who do not receive polyphenols in their meals.

Cocoa helps enhance blood circulation, stabilizes blood pressure, and improves cardiovascular profile:

Cocoa contains epicatechin which is a type of flavonoid. Every 100g of pure cocoa powder contains about 196 mg of epicatechine. These epicatechines help relax blood vessels, improve blood circulation, plus helping to stabilize blood pressure. Besides, a flavonoid also helps to prevent the phenomenon of platelets in the blood from dissolving, leading to the formation of blood clots, so patients with high or low blood pressure are always confusing because they do not know where to buy cocoa powder. This is also a concern of cocoa believers today.

Cocoa helps beautify the skin:

Biologically active substances in cocoa are very good for the skin. Flavonoids protect the skin from sun damage. In addition, cocoa also helps to improve blood circulation under the skin, making the skin rosier; Increase skin’s elasticity and moisture, help smoothen wrinkles, give you a youthful skin. Apply a pure cocoa mask about 1-2 times a week; you will feel your skin improved significantly after a short time. You can also use cocoa as a substance to help exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

Cocoa’s instructions for use

Add 3-4 teaspoons of cocoa powder to around 200ml hot boiled water (or preheated milk). You can add sugar, condensed milk, and honey depends on your taste, then stirs well and enjoy. Add ice cubes if you want to drink it cold.

If you have a need to use pure cocoa or just want to know more about cocoa powder as well as pure cocoa prices, please contact us for the most detailed advice on existing cocoa product lines on the market today.

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