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Price: 924.000đ

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- Combo promotion buy 10 get 1 free !!! - Free 1 box of pure cocoa 120g (Good type) when buying 10 bags of 220g NC cocoa (Kraft bags) - Free ship transports HCM city - Free 2 delicious Drinking Chocolate 3in1 bags.

You will receive a box of 120g pure cocoa when buying 10 packages of pure cocoa 220g. Save 52k. What are you waiting for, don't give me a combo.Cafecacao4u specializes in providing products from fresh and delicious cocoa beans. Pure natural flavor, bold cocoa.


                                    Pure cocoa powder imbued with the taste of life

The bitter taste, attractive aroma and sweet sweetness of milk make cacao a favorite drink of all ages ...

Product name: Pure cocoa powder 1.0 Ingredients: 100% pure cocoa powder Specification: 220g kraft bag Shelf-life: 24 months


Used to drink hot / cold with little honey or milk depending on preference:

+ 2 teaspoons of pure cocoa powder 
+ 1 tablespoon of condensed milk / honey / sugar depending on taste and mix well before (note may be There is a phenomenon of slightly clumping because there is still a little butter in the cocoa powder, so it is difficult to dissolve, and cocoa butter is very good for the body so please be assured) 
After the combination is beaten, add Slowly 80ml of boiling water stirred up again and slowly enjoy the delicious fat and hot cocoa! Like to drink ice, add some ice cubes!
Making chocolate, making cakes: chocolate cake, chocolate flan combined cake, and many other uses refer to cafecacao4u
Taste of natural cocoa, A cool cocoa cup for hot summer days, or a hot cocoa cup for a cold rainy day !! What else is equal ^^
The taste is delicious and dense, hard to resist
Extracted from fresh cocoa beans
Smooth and dense.
Cocoa helps prevent antioxidants and prevent cardiovascular disease
Spirit of clarity
Add nutrients to the body
Cocoa contains antioxidant ingredients so it can be used as a facial mask for women to do beauty at home
Cocoa tree has the scientific name Theobroma cacao, belongs to family Sterculiaceae. The origin of cocoa trees is from Central America and Mexico, discovered by native Aztecs and Maya and called "THE DRINKS" because of its ability to prolong life and bring "superior power". Leaves, bark, seeds and cacao root are ingredients in Central American prescriptions and cuisine, thanks to the BACTERIUM, RESISTANCE FEATURES.
Cocoa powder is the main ingredient made into a delicious snack with chocolate, has many good features for health. According to some studies, cocoa used as food has the effect of stimulating the nervous system, although the amount of caffeine is much lower than that of coffee. Can help treat mild depression and cardiovascular diseases, if you eat chocolate two or several times a week. Cocoa powder in tablet form has a positive effect on the case of excess weight or excess fat.
All of the above features are due to cocoa containing the ingredients of magnesium, théobromin, sérotin, phyylethylamine, tyramine and flavonoïd with higher content than red wine and green tea. Nutrition doctors now tend to recommend dark chocolate (50gr / day) in a weight loss program.
In addition, pure cocoa is also a source of concentrated minerals and is the most widely used mineral-rich food, as well as a powerful memory aid, which helps reduce stress, provides calcium for bones , phosphor for brain and immune system support.

In cosmetic technology, cocoa is also used in the form of fat capable of moisturizing the skin, powder from seed husks has the ability to resist excess adipose tissue 50 times higher than grape seed. For children over 8 months old , nutritionists recommend adding a little cocoa powder in the morning bottle.

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