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Product code : CCBEAN200

Price: 120.000đ

Describe :
- Caccao roasted whole grain without shells - Eat directly or make chocolate, cake and salad ingredients - Good for health - Support weight loss, cardiovascular prevention - Is the option for young gymnastics. Help burn energy, limit fat accumulation.
Roasted cocoa beans have extremely high magnesium content for muscle and nerve function. Along with fiber, iron and antioxidants. Completely natural and better than dark chocolate types. This will be the ideal choice for you to diet, exercise to improve your physique.

Specification: 200g bag, 500g bag

Ingredients: 100% Vietnamese cocoa beans

Storage: Lock the bag tightly after opening the packaging. Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 01 year from the date of manufacture

Roasted cocoa beans are good for health














Cocoa beans can be combined with healthy dishes like salad vegetables, fruits to help you have a slim, strong body. Healthy digestive system, it also contributes to burning excess fat.

Cafecacao4U is committed to bringing our customers quality, safety and purity from nature with their own respect, love and responsibility for life, people and society.

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