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PURE CACAO POWDER (Kraft bag 220gr)

PURE CACAO POWDER (Kraft bag 220gr)

Product code : CCRK220

Price: 92.500đ

Describe :
Shaping the habit of drinking hot cocoa every morning with an adequate amount will help you refresh your mental health, and support weight loss. This is a drink for people with diabetes, antioxidants, and memory support. As well as beauty ingredients for women, confectionery processing, especially the main ingredient that makes delicious chocolate!!!


The bitter taste, attractive aroma along with the slight sweetness from milk make Cocoa a favorite drink of all ages...

• Product's name: Pure cocoa powder 1.0

• Ingredients: 100% pure cocoa powder

• Specification: 220g kraft bag

• Expiration date: 24 months


• Drink hot / cold with a little honey or milk depending on your preference.

• 2 teaspoons of pure cocoa powder + 1 tablespoon of condensed milk/ honey/ sugar depending on your taste, then mix the mixture finely.

(Note: There may be a slight clumping phenomenon due to the remaining butter ingredients so it's a bit difficult to dissolve, and cocoa butter is extremely good for your body so you can rest assured). After the mixture is stirred evenly, slowly add 80ml of boiling water. Then, stir again and slowly enjoy the delicious hot cocoa...

• Chocolate making, baking: chocolate cake, flan cake combined with chocolate sponge, and many other uses that you can take reference on Cacao4u.

• Pure cocoa helps to prevent oxidation and prevent heart disease

• Mental clarity.

• Supplement nutrients for the body.

• Pure cocoa contains antioxidants, so it can be used as a skin-mask for women at home.

The cocoa tree has the scientific name “Theobroma Cacao”, belongs to the family Sterculiaceae. The origin of the cocoa tree is from Central America and Mexico, discovered by the native Aztecs and Mayans and called " THE DRINK OF GODS" because of its ability to prolong longevity and bring "transcendent power". Cocoa leaves, bark, seeds, and even roots are ingredients that present in Central American prescriptions and cuisines, thanks to their ANTI-DEPRECIATION, RESISTANT feature.

Cocoa powder is the main ingredient to make a favorite chocolate snack, with many good health properties. According to some studies, cocoa is used as a food that stimulates the nervous system, although the amount of caffeine is much LOWER compared to coffee. Cocoa can also be aided in the treatment of mild depression and cardiovascular diseases if you eat chocolate twice or several times a week. Cocoa powder in tablet form has a positive effect in the case of overweight or excess fat.

Pure Cacoa Powder_ The taste of life

All of the above-mentioned features are because contains higher levels of magnésium, théobromin, sérotin, phényléthylamin, tyramine and flavonoïd than red wine and green tea. Nutritionists today have the tendency to recommend dark chocolate (50 grams/ day) in weight loss programs.

Besides, pure cocoa is also a source of concentrated minerals and is a mineral-rich food that people use the most, as well as a powerful adjunct to memory, stress relief, calcium supply to bones, Phosphor for the brain, and support the immune system.

In cosmetic technology, cocoa is also used as a moisturizing fat, and powder from the seed coat is 50 times more resistant to adipose tissue inflammation than grape seed. For children over 8 months old, nutritionists recommend that we can add a little cocoa powder in a morning milk bottle.

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