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Also a perfect combination between the taste of Robusta and Arabica. The bitter blend of mild aroma in every sip of coffee. Will make you awake, the source of energy to create, work effectively. Characteristics: Creates a distinct coffee, dark brown juice. A combination of the bitter taste of Robusta and the aromatic aroma of Arabica. Create a comfortable relaxing feeling.

Araly - new - unique - strange. Bring in you two great coffee from Buon Ma Thuot and Cau Dat. Taste is perfectly matched to bring unforgettable fragrance.

Come to Cafe4U to experience 100% pure ground roasted coffee. To fully enjoy the bitter taste of the tongue blends with the fragrance along with the sour taste of the tongue and finally the sweetness of the rest.

Cafecacao4U always welcome the enthusiastic agents and blood to join us to bring the product to consumers. The preferential policies for agents are very attractive. Please contact us for details.

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In the water bar, I always call black coffee. He always called coffee milk.

People bring water, always mistaken. Black coffee Milk coffee

I quickly changed two dishes. The waiter stands up, face full of wonder. He laughed except. Waiting for him, he blamed: "Why do not let people go and then you change? Losing his face too !!! "She laughed:" Anyhow. What the hell is wrong! "

My daughter loves black coffee.

My son loves milk coffee.

I say black coffee pure, but bitter but drink it will bring aftertaste, but if added milk will not feel the coffee anymore.

He said coffee for more milk will smell more coffee aroma, sweet feeling of milk ...

You and I are always like that. Completely different

You and I do not love each other. Simply friends. No, on a little friends. Just like brotherhood.

But I refuse to be your sister. I say, sister seems to depend on brother, seems weak, looks ... hundreds of "looks" and I do not agree.

I do not want you to be my brother either. All day long, his brother has to worry about his sister, suffocated, hated everything. You can not be patient.

Sometimes I go out for coffee. Black coffee, milk coffee.

Sometimes sad sad he dragged me around the round, eventually also to the water. Milk coffee Black coffee

I have a girlfriend. My girlfriend is pretty, very gentle, feminine. Go with him like a weak rabbit. He is proud, she is not "spine", stubborn like you.

I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend, handsome galant, always spoiled me. Come with me, he never let me die. I boast proud, he really is a firm support.

2 couples sometimes meet. I still have black coffee. He always milk coffee.

My boyfriend said, he changed the glass for me. I do not bear, black coffee is my favorite.

His girlfriend asked, he did not drink black coffee like other boys. He shrugged his shoulders with milk.

While talking, usually you and I still quarrel. My boyfriend is always the mediator. His girlfriend softly said he must cede her daughter.

Finally he is me. I'm still you.

He broke up with his girlfriend. There is also a great deal of time. But I do not regret. He and she basically incompatible. Though she tried to cheat on him, he still lacked in personality. That lack of personality is really attractive to him.

I broke up boyfriend. There was a moment of emptiness. But I do not regret. You and your boyfriend can not find a common voice. Although he does not upset me, rarely deals with me. But I still miss. That "missing" he made me depressed.

You and I do not date and meet in the old cafe.

I call black coffee.

He calls milk coffee.

The accuser was used to two people. He does not leave the wrong place anymore.

He was quiet. I did not say either. Waiting for the attendant, he pulled the black coffee towards him, pushing the milk coffee towards him.

That day two people try to taste the "taste" of the other.

That night, he texted me "Black coffee is real! You start to like it! "

I text him again "Café milk is also great. I will drink milk coffee ... "

Then you and I always go together, no matter where, I always call milk coffee for you and do not forget to call him black coffee ...

Black coffee or milk coffee are all coffee, right?

Bitter love or sweet love is love ... is not it?

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