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Cocoa drink recipes in winter

( 03-10-2016 - 11:19 PM ) - View: 2104

Cocoa offers many health benefits. It not only brings abundant nutrients that can help us improve the blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, good for your heart ... In particular, these beverages also includes work Its beauty. However, to the cocoa drink may benefit most radically, we note that the cocoa drink, especially in the winter drinking hot cocoa offline!

The note while drinking hot cocoa winter!

When drinking the cocoa, we need to pay attention to the source of these beverages. You should buy the prestige of the brand, absolutely avoid these types of labels cocoa ... The reason is that these types of fake cocoa, cocoa quality assurance can contain many chemicals, not only do not benefit useful but also harmful to the body again there!

Do not put too much sugar or milk

Add sugar or cocoa milk can make tastier, more nutritious and easy to drink. However, if we give too much can make the beneficial substances in cocoa altered, reduced effects.

So drink up to 2 cups / day

Advice for us is just to drink 2 cups of hot cocoa every day. This is just enough content to be able to bring certain benefits for the body. Additionally, you should not drink continuously for a long time which should pause for a while and then go back to drinking.

Avoid drinking a lot in the evening

In the cocoa contains a small amount of caffeine. But not as much as coffee, but if we drink too much cocoa content may cause sleeplessness, insomnia, affect the health not that small!

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